365 days of happiness – week 21

Night at the cinema with good friends

Fabric, loads of it!

Journaling a fun weekend

Inspiration wall to make me feel a bit better while being ill.

Funny notes left by friends on your desk wile you’ve been ill!

Colour, colour and even more colour.

My sister got me a Valentine’s present. Love it!

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Notebook Addiction // Filofax Saffiano

IMG_0991 copy
My Filofax personal purple Saffiano is my personal diary and I really love it. It’s not a real leather planner, but honestly, I don’t really mind – I love it.

IMG_0995 copy
Since I’m an organiser freak, that really likes order, I have a colour coding system. As you can see the index card sticking out on the left, that’s my colour coding system. (pink for freelance, orange for freelance admin, yellow for my fantasybook website, green for studying, blue for personal/free time, purple for creative things, red for administration).

The index card on the right are the colours corresponding with the little bookmarks on the dividers on the planner, which sort of follows the same system, but it also has monthly planners and to-dos added to it.

IMG_0996 copy
Each divider has a credit card pocket sticker that holds an Instax photo. Currently it’s all from the cup series I did a while back, but the idea is that I can change it up and put friends and family in there as well.

IMG_0997 copy
Tab number 1 (skipped here), hold the personal information (you know, in the rare occasion I take this diary off my desk and loose it). The green arrow hold my main to do lists of things that are not bound by dates. Like the list of books that I want to read of my (personal) studies.

IMG_0998 copy
Or the cards I have to make for my freelance work.

IMG_0999 copy
Next up on orange are my monthly planners. It’s a quick look into the months up ahead. I would love to have it with the months in the running diary bit, but the way Filofax prints their monthly diaries makes that a bit impossible.

IMG_1000 copy
It also hold a WHSmiths year planner. I love this one, and need to take some time soon to colour code everything (I sounds a bit obsessive now!) and fully start using it.

IMG_1001 copy
Colourcoding made easy by Paperchase, love it!

IMG_1002 copy
The turquoise arrow holds the day to day diary. I’ve put in a quote from the Dutch magazine flow, because I love it. I also added bits of wallpaper from the DIY store to note down my monthly goals. I think it really adds a nice flair to it and with the paperclips it’s easy to find too.

IMG_1003 copy
I’ve started using the fly leaf as my dashboard to quickly stick to-do lists and notes to. I’ve cut open the holes so I can easily move it from week to week like with the today marker and I always have the notes with me.

IMG_1006 copy
For the months further ahead (I ran out of wallpaper!) I started using the monthly goal sheets from My Life All In One Place. They are perfect too!

IMG_1007 copy
Purple again is for creative things (and nice pic of me and Laura) and turquoise is for lists.

Last but not least, pockets, envelopes and stickers to decorate!

Like the Midori, this planner is still being reshuffled and I’m still not completely happy with the result and how it’s all set up. But I do love this planner and I love using it!

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Notebook addiction // Midori notebook

IMG_1044 copy

So for my regular journal I’ve switched to a Midori traveler’s notebook after finishing my other journal. And I love it to bits. Really, absolutely love it. It allows to take everything with me in one binding (several notebooks, whooptiedo!)

IMG_1048 copy

Plus, I can add little charms to the elastic bad to make it more personal. I have my gem stone and my little sea goddess and on the bookmark i have a little Dumbo (as I love elephants). It just makes it more personal. Also, when you look closely you can see it already has scratches and dents in it. And I’m guessing with use it’s only going to get more over time!

IMG_1055 copy

I currently have four notebooks in my Midori, a plastic zip file, and a handmade kraft file.


My handmade kraft file, It was the first time I made something like this and I love it!


The four notebooks that I have in my Midori: a Miori sketchbook for doodleing and sketching, a Midori blank notebook as my main notebook for writing and capturing memories. A weekly meal planner (a download from My Life All In One Place)


I love the meal planner, it’s perfect! I always plan out my meals to make my shoppinglists and this is just perfect and so much better compared to using Post-It notes.


And lastly I have a home made notebook with all sorts of papers,  to use as my book to capture all my travel plans, dreams and all the places I want to go and see.


An a little peek at my zip files in my Midori. I’m so totally in love with this notebook! As soon as I filled it up, or have more on the inside, I will show snaps and photos of the inside.

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365 days of happiness – week 20

My sister gave me the best Christmas present ever. An envelope a week. <3

Saturday night, craft night.

Pineapple, coconut baked oatmeal.. JUM!

Getting up to speed with planning and to-do’s. Feels so good.

A night spend with watercolours is good night.

Spend the night colouring images. Fun! Should do that more often.

Looking at wedding dresses with a good friend. So excited for her!

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Notebook addiction // A5 planner

IMG_0994 copy

I bought this A5 planner at Paperchase a few weeks ago. When I started using it, I fell in love with the size straight away. I love A5 size! It’s nice, it’s bulky and it has enough space for all sorts of notes. Plus it has my favourite colour, double win. Currently this is the planner I use for my work and freelance business. I use it to keep track of my ideas, administration, clients and other important things.


Of course that means it’s filled up with post-it notes.


Since this is my work planner and I strongly believe that you have to do what you love, I’ve printed off inspiring quotes to got at every tab of this planner.

The information section here includes personal details, my year goals, passwords and other personal sensitive information that I’m going to need a lot.


The agenda section (I love this quote by the way) is where I store the year planning.


It contains a year planner, which I printed off from My Life All In One Place.


It also contains the months so I can plan my months in advance, write in ideas that I need to use (or start) in certain months and where I can write and mark up any important dates and appointments I really need to remember.


It also has a more, and bigger month planning so I can have the month in one view. This is also a free printable from My Life All In One Place.


The planner section is where I keep my to-do-lists, it also has a handmade bookmark so I can flick to my to-do-lists quickly. The cute guinea pig sheets you see were a free download a from the lovely Mrs Brimbles.


Now the diary section is the one that I’m using the most at the moment. It contains all my appointments, and ideas and things I need to do at certain dates.


I’ve added a homemade flyleaf that I can move from week to week, so I can stick my to-do-lists and other things I need to remember on there. Things that are not week specific and may need to keep with me longer than a week.


I’ve devided upt the months, and each month has a goal sheet – a free printable from My Life All In One Place. I really love this, as it’s good to start the month with a clear set of goals and it helps to get organised.


My two yellow sections are used for ideas, admin, lists and to-dos for my website www.fantasyboeken.org (the yellow is choosen as part of my colour coding system, more on this in a later post)


Also with a  homemade bookmark. I still need to add titles to this (as my planning system is still a work in progress).


The two pink sections for working out ideas and for the administration that comes with it.


For this I’ve set it up with the project pages from My Life All In One Place.


Green is for study and research that comes with some of the ideas and that might come in handy later on in the process.


And finally purple is for creative stories and fiction ideas. Or for keeping track of the administration that comes with it.

So far I’m loving my A5 planner. It’s still a work in progress, and I’m still changing little bits to it. I’ve added monthly tabs in the diary section and I’ve taken July till December out as it was getting too bulky. But I’m really loving this planner.

Oh and for those of you who love the pens in these posts, they are handmade and you can get them from houtenpennen.nl

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